Fantasy Football ADP- Using Average Draft Position

Around Fantasy Football draft time you will often see “ADP” referenced when talking about a certain players draft stock. ADP is the Average Draft Position that a player is being taken in mock drafts or live drafts at the given source.

Fantasy Football ADP is useful because it lets you make a guess as to where a player may be drafted. With this info you can adjust to either make a pick on a player to be sure you get them, or to wait on them to maximize value.

Take a Player Now or Wait?

For example, let’s say you are ¬†picking at spot #10 in the first round and number #3 in the second round of a snake draft. You are interested in Calvin Johnson, but also don’t want to miss out on a RB. Looking at the ADP (at MFL), Johnson’s average draft position is 2.04 (4th pick second round). You take the risk to wait and grab a Matt Forte with the #10 pick, and there is Johnson waiting for you in the second round. The difference was having Matt Forte and Calvin Johnson over having Calvin Johnson and Justin Forsett or Frank Gore because of a drop off at RB.

Just like about anything else in Fantasy Football, ADP is a guess. But it helps you to make smart guesses. A benefit to using it is some of your league mates will count on the default rankings/ADP of the service you are using. Having that in mind you could weigh your personal rankings vs. the default to make guesses the route your enemy may go.

Use Caution

Something to be wary of when using an ADP source is what they include in their data. Mock drafts where people leave and autodrafts will not give the most reliable data. Also, you want to use something that has scoring/ lineups similar to what you are going to be using. For example, ADP that includes PPR (Point per reception) mock drafts can skew results or pass catchers if you play in a league that does not use PPR.

Your first source should be the ADP at the service you are using (because their default rankings will be influenced by this), with like scoring and roster requirements.

Fantasy Football ADP Sources

Below are some free sources of Fantasy Football ADP that you can use to inform your decisions on draft day. You can even put together an average of the average draft position if you feel spunky.– This is a favorite for a couple of reasons. First, it can be customized to sort by specifics that may be suitable to your league, as well as live or mock drafts. Second, MyFantasyLeague is where serious fantasy footballers play. They tend to do their homework.

Fantasy Football Calculator– This has been a favorite site for years leading up to the draft. Tools for comparison and charts for fun.

Fantasy Pros– Consensus of five sources, MFL and the four below.

The Big Four Free ServicesYahoo,, ESPN, CBS Sports

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