Daily Fantasy Football Media Overdose

Daily Fantasy Football makes me sad. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I have also had women in my life that I loved very much that have made me sad. Anyway, let me explain…

I first came upon FanDuel about five or six years ago. Actually, they came upon me. I did a promo for them on an old blog and then I started playing regularly a couple of years later. I fell in love. When interest started to wane in some of my year-long fantasy leagues where my teams were not fairing well, I found I could still get pumped about daily fantasy football. In the days of immediate gratification on the internet, I found myself looking forward to my daily fantasy football teams more and more each week. Then…I moved back to Iowa.

Logging in to FanDuel I was told that my state did not allow fantasy sports and I would only be able to play in free leagues (which it wouldn’t let me do either). You see, Iowa is one of those small print asterisk states at the bottom of the screen on the TV promos. It actually applies to any play for pay fantasy game.

It was okay at first. I was bummed, but life would go on. But then, the unthinkable happened. The media caught on to daily fantasy sports. I couldn’t look away and go on with my life anymore. It started popping up everywhere, making it impossible to ignore. Kind of like when you end a relationship and then you see that person everywhere…with someone new.

Segments on fantasy shows on TV, Radio, and Podcasts are now over ran with insights on Daily Fantasy as well. I have to hand it to CBS Fantasy Football podcast as they have a dedicated podcast to it, even though they are starting to talk it more and more each week in the show. My email news letters are starting to be taken over too. I just opened one in my inbox from a dedicated fantasy site to find the entire email was daily fantasy football material.

This makes me sad. It’s great for the industry, and for those that can play. It just doesn’t apply to people in those five states in the small print. The media coverage for fantasy sports is changing for those people to something that they cannot take part in.

Remember when sports media discovered Twitter as this new great thing (years after we all knew and used it) and then everything became a #hashtag and poll? Imagine being in a state where you have no access to Twitter. Not the best example since many people still don’t use it, but everything you once had in your article or TV show was taken over. Sad.

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