Fantasy Football Mock Draft 1.0

The Fantasy Football Mock Draft season is here! Well, it has been here for some time, but I’m going to start posting on them regularly now. We can hopefully get at these weekly, testing out different strategies from different draft positions. This fantasy football mock draft will be done from the #5 slot in a 12-team mock.

I like to do my mock drafts at Fantasy Football Calculator. Its free and…well, I have just done them there for years.

Strategy going in:

  • Stick to my draft list for first four rounds. It can be so easy to get off task, especially when the top QBs are available.
  • Hold off on QB, preferably round six or later.

Fantasy Football Mock Draft 1.0

1.5 Matt Forte, RB, Chicago. Thought for sure I would be posed with the Calvin Johnson question here as anyone at #5 or #6 will face. When Eddie Lacy went #3, it pushed a RB back to me. Not that I wouldn’t have enjoyed Johnson, but it can be hard to recover at RB

2.8 Doug Martin, RB, Tampa Bay. Marshawn Lynch made it to the pick just before me, bummer. I have not made it back to back RB in a while, but this set up would make me happy.

3.5 Randall Cobb, WR, Green Bay. It was hard to watch the other WRs come off the board. I have some playing catchup to do at the position after going RB-RB.

4.8 Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona. Part of a nine WR run, the pickins are really getting down there.

5.5 Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Minnesota. Filled my #3 WR and still got the guy at the top of my board.

6.8 Robert Griffin III, QB, Washington. Sticking with the plan with RGIII

7.5 Jason Witten, TE, Dallas. This wraps up the core starting group, we are looking at depth here on out…oh, DTS and kicker too.

8.8 Fred Jackson, RB, Buffalo

9.5 Tavon Austin, WR, St. Louis

10.8 Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle. ADP in the 8th round and second on my draft list…value.

11.5 Dwayne Bowe, WR, Kansas City

12.8 Chris Ivory, RB, NY Jets

13.5 Marvin Jones, WR, Cincinnati

14.8 New Orleans D.

  15.5 Mason Crosby, K, Green Bay

Did I stick with my strategy?

I made it through the first four rounds of the fantasy football mock draft sticking to my board. It was tough when WR was getting slim, but Martin was the best available on my draft list. In fact, it wasn’t until taking RGIII in the sixth that I strayed, and there was only one player ahead of him on the list. When I came back to round seven, my last key starter position was on the top of the list with Witten at TE. Holding off on QB can be difficult. Sticking to the draft list I was able to make it to round six and still get my 6th ranked QB as the 6th QB drafted.

Safe Pick

The Number Five spot if really the last slot that ensures you a top notch RB. Taking Matt Forte was an easy pick. Had he went instead of Eddy Lacy earlier, my draft list would have dictated Calvin Johnson so it would have been an entirely different looking draft.

Risky Pick

Doug Martin in the second round. Martin himself doesn’t make me uneasy, in fact he was a little value there. It’s the waiting on Wr. After picking him I watched the last four WR1 go off the board leaving me to take Cobb as my top WR.

More Observations

  • RB accounted for only 13 picks in the first two rounds.
  • Rounds 2 & 5 saw the most RBs come off the board with seven each.
  • 14 WRs went in rounds 3-4, with a nine pick run in the fourth round.
  • Four Defenses were off the board by the end of the 10th round, with the first going in round eight.

Day Two NFL Draft Thoughts

After the long NFL Draft process, we are now through the second day. I always prefer the second day as the rounds are shorter, it’s exciting to see where some teams pick up on some first round values that fell, and there isn’t work the next day. So anyway, some thoughts on the second day…

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have made significant improvements to their passing game in this draft. Austin Seferian-Jenkins will join Mike Evans catching passes in the NFC South. Are they setting up for some shootouts with the Saints?

Bishop Sankey became the first running back taken. On the historic side, it is the second year in a row that RB was ignored in the first round, and the longest until a RB selection was made. He lands in Tennessee and will help fans let go of Chris Johnson is they haven’t already.

The Bengals following up with Jeremy Hill made sense considering that he can fit right in with the dynamic of last years Giovani Bernard pick.

Louis Nix III was someone that I was watching for in the second round. While interest seemed to be falling a bit in the weeks just before the draft, it seemed he wouldn’t fall too far. Fall he did, all the way to the Houston Texans in the third round. Nix was the third defensive tackle taken in the round, and the eight DT overall.

Jacksonville is another team jacking up their offense. After going Blake Bortles in the first, they double dip the WR chip in the second with Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson. way to help the new guy!

So here we are on day three. I’m wondering which QB needy team will end up selecting one next, and will it be the fast rising Tom Savage or A.J. McCarron? Will a team roll the dice and have Zach Mettenberger jump them both? Oh the intrigue!

Have a good weekend and if you have any thoughts, please share!

2014 NFL Draft Thoughts for First Round

The first round in the 2014 NFL Draft is done and gone. There were some surprises, and some surprises that were not really surprises when we think about it.

The players that went in the first seven picks were not a surprise, even Blake Bortles. I had put him there in many mocks over the NFL Draft process, just as many in the media had. The surprise for many was that in recent weeks he wasn’t mentioned as much and it became Manzielmania. (Note: No expertise claimed in mocking him there…when you do almost 20 mocks in a draft process you are bound to mock just about everyone everywhere at some point).

Many are shocked that the Bills moved up, even though it had been rumored for some time that they wanted to go as far as #1. Two first rounders may seem like a lot but let’s get a look at if they get any value to fill needs in the rest of the draft before judging too much.

Speaking of commenting on needs. I shot Pete Prisco a message on Twitter when he made a comment about a team not drafting where their needs are. Has nobody else noticed that we, the folks outside of the teams, seem to get more tied up in our perceptions of the teams needs than they do?

Another speaking of concerning team needs…Aaron Donald was a great pick where everyone thought the Rams would go Safety all spring. Dee Ford in the pick that was supposed to be WR for the Chiefs.

Did the Browns make the right move? If you consider that one of their options may have been to stay at #4 and take Johnny Manziel, getting Justin Gilbert in addition sounds like a great deal to me.

While the first round is where all the attention is all spring, I love the 2nd and 3rd round to see where the value lands. Stop by @GeekingFootball on Twitter this weekend and lets Tweet about it.


Five Hard Falling Players in the NFL Draft Process

Over the course of the NFL Draft process, we see the rankings and Big Boards change often. From the time that players declare, to the combine, to pro days, up until draft night, players move about with the media buzz.

Teddy Bridgewater and Anthony Barr are a couple of names that come to mind. Bridgewater is well documented (horrible pro day without gloves) in his decent, where Barr has lost has fallen out of flavor with the consistent rise and buzz with Khalil Mack. Kelvin Benjamin and Cyrus Kouandjio may dip into the top of the second round. De’Anthony Thomas and Ka’Deem Carey have fallen quite a bit, but so has the fondness on their position in the first round.

Of course, the only draft boards that matter are those of the NFL teams. Atill, it is hard not to notice some of the falls. There has been a lot of movement over the last couple of months, but some have fallen harder than others. Here is a look at five players who started the process toward the top of many draft boards, but are looking at not hearing their name until day two or three.

Loucheiz Purifoy, CB, Florida

Take note kids, no good ever really comes from drugs in the long run. Purifoy was already looking to see his stock lower once dissected through the NFL Draft process. A run-in with the law during the process will certainly see your stock tumble. At the end of his time in Florida he was looked at as one of the top CB talents, now he will be lucky to hear his name before day three.

David Yankey, OG, Stanford

This Stanford Guard was seen as one of the top of his position during the 2013 NCAA season. After having a rough go of it at the combine, Yankey has seen himself fall from the top to being considered a possible free agent by some scouts. We don’t look for a fall that far, but he could be anywhere from the second round to day three.

Trent Murphy, OLB/DE, Stanford

Murphy was very productive as an OLB pass rusher in college (15 sacks) in 2013. He was looked at as one of the top pass rushers going into the NFL Draft process. Problem is, he is looking like his job will be more narrow than originally planned. It was thought that he would be a DE in the NFL, but then he struggled with his hand down at the Senior Bowl. Teams are concerned about his playing in space as an OLB. A team looking for a more dedicated pass rusher could collect his services on day two or three.

Jarvis Landry, WR, LSU

The 2014 NFL Draft could be one of the deepest at WR that we have ever seen. With that, Landry has quite a bit of competition and teams feeling they can get WR later. He also has a lack of speed (4.77 40-yard dash) and smaller frame working against him. Landry started process ranked very high, on pace with his teammate Odell Beckham Jr. Nothing about Landry puts him above several WRs that won’t even hear their name until day two.

Cyril Richardson, OG, Baylor

Richardson started the NFL Draft process with a likely day one projection. Over the course of time, he has done nothing to raise his stock and scouts often mention his weight as a concern. He is a decent run blocker and could be favored by a team that wants to use the ground. It takes a solid talent for a Guard to go early, and the line ahead of Richardson is only getting bigger as other prospects improve their game.

Have a look where these players are projected to land in our mock draft…

2014 NFL Mock Draft

Updated NFL Mock Draft Three Rounds

The NFL Draft is less than two weeks away! Geeking Football has updated its three round mock draft. A preview of some of the picks can be seen below.

For the first time since Mock #4, the Dolphins get someone other than Zack Martin in the first round. With Martin off the board earlier, Moses becomes the pick.

Teddy Bridgewater is the fourth QB taken, grasping to the first round with the Browns second selection.

The Cowboys add to defense, but go offense in the first round.

See the whole three round mock draft update…

Three Round NFL Mock Draft


Pick Team Player | Pos | College
5 Oakland Raiders Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M
19 Miami Dolphins Morgan Moses, OT, Virginia
26 Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis) Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville
51 Chicago Bears Bishop Sankey, RB, Washington
60 Carolina Panthers Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana
78 Dallas Cowboys Terrence Brooks, S, Florida State
93 New England Patriots Jeremy Hill, RB, LSU Raises its NFL Draft Coverage in 2014

Being the official site of the National Football League, you would think that would be on the cutting edge of coverage of all things NFL and distribution of that coverage. That hasn’t been the case in many areas over the years. They were way behind in the fantasy football world, just recently embracing it enough with its coverage and product to become a regular stopping point for the more serious fantasy players. Sadly, they have also been mediocre in the NFL Draft department as well. That has changed this season, as there has been considerable changes to the NFL Draft coverage that makes the flagship site a stopping point for those looking for their NFL Draft fix.

The largest lagging issue is that the NFL Draft coverage is not easy to locate for the average internet user. A majority of it resides in the College Football 24/7 section of the site. If you can locate that, you can find the “Hot Topics” and some featured content, rankings, and a grid of recent article links.

Tucked away in a very small link is the 2014 NFL Draft Tracker. If you can get there, you can access the links to player picks, team warrooms, profiles, predict the pick, history, mock drafts, photos, and videos.

Aside from the terrible navigation, there are some very bright spots to the NFL Draft coverage on this year.

Embracing NFL Mock Drafts

This kind of reminds me of the relationship with fantasy football. They spent a little time on the subject, and more time discounting and cutting it down. Also like fantasy football, apparently after they noticed the success other sites had with it, they have picked up the pace in the last couple of years. This year they list seven mock drafts.

NFL Draft Video and Podcasts

Of course, the NFL has the tools to embrace video given they have all the rights they want and a television network dedicated to the subject. During the week the network airs Path to the Draft. Ont he site you can find the show cut down into snippets on the Path to the Draft page, as well as embedded throughout related stories.

Years behind, but finally engaging, the NFL has also  upped its podcast game. Another hard to find page (link to Podcast page is tucked away in news menu), once you get there we have a few podcasts of note. Again, the title isn’t NFL Draft friendly, but College Football 24/7 podcast is where you go for the prospect news. There is also the “ATL”, not to be confused with Atlanta, Around the League podcast. Of course there is Rich Eisen’s as well.

More Daniel Jeremiah and Mike Mayock

I first came across Daniel Jeremiah a number of years ago with his Move the Sticks podcast. The former NFL scout has had a presence on Twitter (@MovetheSticks) for years and has become the face for the NFL Draft on the NFL Network and He always stuck out to me when I noticed that his old podcast used the intro music that my musician nephew recorded for me on my old podcast. Offended at first, I found that my nephew made it open for use. Anyway, Jeremiah is very knowledgeable and has done the job. He adds a great element to the site.

Mike Mayock has had a presence with the NFL for some time. It seems we are seeing a lot more of him in video and television form with the increase in coverage this year. One thing that I have always loved about Mayock is he does not apologize for or often change his opinions. Something with media is if you don’t change, there is nothing new to report. We see way too much of that around the web and on tv in sports. Mayock tells it how he thinks it is and doesn’t change unless he sees fit. We rarely see a mock draft from this guy until just before the NFL Draft. Why? I’m guessing because he is waiting until he has all the information and he is going to do it once…not concerned with getting more “hits” on a website.

Geeking Football Updated Three Round NFL Mock Draft has a number of great NFL Draft resources and additions in 2014. If you can find them. Hopefully this post is helpful in getting you to some useful info.

NFL Mock Draft Update | Teddy Bridgewater Falls

Extra, extra…Three Round NFL Mock Draft updated! How things can change during the NFL Draft season. With growing concerns about his smallish frame, and the continued rise of fellow QB prospects, Teddy Bridgewater falls not only out of the top 10, but out of the top 25 in our latest NFL Mock Draft update.

Not all of this falls on Bridgewater’s small shoulders. There are some solid NFL prospects at the top of the draft that will be hard to pass on for even some of the QB needy teams. With no QBs really separating themselves from the pack as of now, someone is likely to fall. Some of those teams are likely to go with the prospect that is the safer route, and plucking what is left for them in the late first or early second round. That is what happened with Teddy Bridgewater in this update.

Have a look here…

Three Round NFL Mock Draft Update

Free Agency Shakes Up NFL Mock Draft Update

Free agency has changed the NFL Mock Draft landscape since our last update. Team needs are changing as players leave and arrive. To let the dust settle a little bit, we waited a couple of weeks to put a stamp on another mock. It’ go time again, and we have updated the three round mock draft.

Here are some out takes to wet your whistle…

#8 Minnesota Vikings- Teddy Bridgwater, QB, Louisville

Some of the free agency moves that have happened this week are likely to shake things up with teams that need a quarterback in the first round. With that, we find Teddy Bridgewater falling, but one of two QBs to be taken in the top 10. This would be a great scenario for the Vikings to get a top talent, instead of scraping up the leftovers.

#31 Denver Broncos-Ryan Shazier, OLB, Ohio State

The Broncos have made several signings since the start of free agency that have filled their major needs. This puts them in the position to enjoy selecting some of the best talent available, and filling an OLB need with Ohio State’s Ryan Shazier.

#50 Miami Dolphins-David Yankey, OL, Stanford

Last year at this time Brandon Albert’s name was being tied to the Miami Dolphins. This year it becomes a reality, bringing Albert in to address their biggest need. They still addressed the O-line in the first round, and now they come back in the second and add another versatile lineman. The Fins are in position  to revamp their protection of their 2013 investment in Ryan Tannehill.

#78 Dallas Cowboys-Terrence Brooks, S, Florida State

The Cowboys are all about defense in this draft, grabbing the rising Brooks from the National Champion Seminoles. With the widespread of need at this position in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Cowboys would be fortunate to have Brooks still available.

See the whole mock below….

Three Round Mock Draft


2014 NFL Mock Draft | Pre-Free Agency

The 2014 NFL Draft season rolls along as we come into Free Agency. Teams will start plugging holes that will change NFL Draft needs extremely. Since most NFL Mock Drafts rely so heavily on need, we can see quite a change in projections moving forward as well. Recent releases while teams are trying to make money appear have already changed the needs of some teams.

Meanwhile, Geeking Football’s three round NFL Mock Draft has been updated. Some thoughts on some pre-free agency picks below…

#13 St. Louis Rams- Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama

This pick is one where the Rams will have to make a decision between shoring up their defensive secondary, or nabbing a big WR. Word on the street is that they are sniffing around Buffalo Bills Safety, Jarius Byrd. If they are able to address this prior to the NFL Draft, the Rams could use this pick on a Odell Beckham Jr. or Kelvin Benjamin as a more prototypical wideout to add to last year’s pick of Tavon Austin.

#27 New Orleans Saints-Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State

More First round WR talk. Cooks is undersized at 5-10/189, but he would fit in from day one. The Saints are letting staples like Lance Moore and Darren Sproles go for money reasons, making it the perfect time to add a weapon like Cooks and his 4.33 forty.

#37 Atlanta Falcons-Dee Ford, DE, Auburn

Here is one of those picks that we know is a very large long shot. The way the picks rolled out in this mock, Dee Ford falls into the second round and make s the Falcons a winner for addressing needs up to this point in the draft. There is a chance that they address the position in free agency, which would be favorable to waiting until the second round in the draft.

#67 Oakland Raiders-Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinois

The Raiders picks in the first two rounds will certainly strengthen the team on offense, and help any QB that is under center.  If waiting to get a QB until the third round though, there is not going to likely be a better option than Garoppolo.

#71 Cleveland Browns-Tre Mason, RB, Auburn

The Browns are stealing this draft. If they are able to address any needs in Free Agency, they are going to be in good position to take some best players available in the first three rounds. Even if they don’t, they could be setting themselves up for the future on offense very nicely with these projections.

See the whole thing…

Pre-Free Agency NFL Mock Draft



Scouting Combine NFL Mock Draft Update | Three Rounds

It’s time for the 2014 NFL Draft Scouting Combine! It seems like the Super bowl was just yesterday. Now we are heading full throttle into the NFL Draft season with the scouting combine taking place in Indianapolis starting Saturday when the Tight Ends, Offensive Linemen, and Special Teams guys show what they got. Sunday we will see the skill positions on offense, and the defense will wrap up Sunday and Monday.

The scouting combine satisfies the number hunger for many fans as they participate in drills. For teams, they get a chance to get to know the players with interviews, and more importantly, medical checks that can determine just how durable the player may be at the next level. When we see players surprisingly fall on draft day, it is often because something came to light in the medical portion of the event.

With the NFL Draft Scouting combine in mind, we have updated our three round mock draft. Here is where we have some of the participants landing…


  • TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Washington,  goes to the Falcons in the second round.
  • Guard Dakota Dozier, Furman, third round to the Jets


  • Blake Bortles in the first round to the Jaguars
  • Ka’Deem Carey, RB from Arizona to the Dolphins in the third round

See the entire mock here…

Pre Scouting Combine NFL Mock Draft