Fantasy Football Mock Draft 1.0

The Fantasy Football Mock Draft season is here! Well, it has been here for some time, but I’m going to start posting on them regularly now. We can hopefully get at these weekly, testing out different strategies from different draft positions. This fantasy football mock draft will be done from the #5 slot in a 12-team mock.

I like to do my mock drafts at Fantasy Football Calculator. Its free and…well, I have just done them there for years.

Strategy going in:

  • Stick to my draft list for first four rounds. It can be so easy to get off task, especially when the top QBs are available.
  • Hold off on QB, preferably round six or later.

Fantasy Football Mock Draft 1.0

1.5 Matt Forte, RB, Chicago. Thought for sure I would be posed with the Calvin Johnson question here as anyone at #5 or #6 will face. When Eddie Lacy went #3, it pushed a RB back to me. Not that I wouldn’t have enjoyed Johnson, but it can be hard to recover at RB

2.8 Doug Martin, RB, Tampa Bay. Marshawn Lynch made it to the pick just before me, bummer. I have not made it back to back RB in a while, but this set up would make me happy.

3.5 Randall Cobb, WR, Green Bay. It was hard to watch the other WRs come off the board. I have some playing catchup to do at the position after going RB-RB.

4.8 Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona. Part of a nine WR run, the pickins are really getting down there.

5.5 Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Minnesota. Filled my #3 WR and still got the guy at the top of my board.

6.8 Robert Griffin III, QB, Washington. Sticking with the plan with RGIII

7.5 Jason Witten, TE, Dallas. This wraps up the core starting group, we are looking at depth here on out…oh, DTS and kicker too.

8.8 Fred Jackson, RB, Buffalo

9.5 Tavon Austin, WR, St. Louis

10.8 Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle. ADP in the 8th round and second on my draft list…value.

11.5 Dwayne Bowe, WR, Kansas City

12.8 Chris Ivory, RB, NY Jets

13.5 Marvin Jones, WR, Cincinnati

14.8 New Orleans D.

  15.5 Mason Crosby, K, Green Bay

Did I stick with my strategy?

I made it through the first four rounds of the fantasy football mock draft sticking to my board. It was tough when WR was getting slim, but Martin was the best available on my draft list. In fact, it wasn’t until taking RGIII in the sixth that I strayed, and there was only one player ahead of him on the list. When I came back to round seven, my last key starter position was on the top of the list with Witten at TE. Holding off on QB can be difficult. Sticking to the draft list I was able to make it to round six and still get my 6th ranked QB as the 6th QB drafted.

Safe Pick

The Number Five spot if really the last slot that ensures you a top notch RB. Taking Matt Forte was an easy pick. Had he went instead of Eddy Lacy earlier, my draft list would have dictated Calvin Johnson so it would have been an entirely different looking draft.

Risky Pick

Doug Martin in the second round. Martin himself doesn’t make me uneasy, in fact he was a little value there. It’s the waiting on Wr. After picking him I watched the last four WR1 go off the board leaving me to take Cobb as my top WR.

More Observations

  • RB accounted for only 13 picks in the first two rounds.
  • Rounds 2 & 5 saw the most RBs come off the board with seven each.
  • 14 WRs went in rounds 3-4, with a nine pick run in the fourth round.
  • Four Defenses were off the board by the end of the 10th round, with the first going in round eight.

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